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Mon identité

Âge49 ans
Ici pourRelation sérieuse
Niveau academicNon renseigné
Pays Italie
Ville Milan, Lombardia
Origine Italie
État civilDivorcé
FumeurNon renseigné
JobNon renseigné

Mon physique et+

Je cherche Un homme
Les yeux Non renseigné
Les cheveux Non renseigné
Silhouette Non renseigné
Taille Non renseigné
Poids Non renseigné
Possède des enfants Non renseigné
Veut avoir des enfants Non renseigné
Déménage par amour Non renseigné
La religionNon renseigné

Un résumé me concernant

My friends call me the most optimistic woman in this world)) Don't doubt it) I like good jokes. I like to laugh a lot. Simply because I love this life. Isn't it wonder? How do you think?

I'm talented person. Emotional in the most good sense. I know how to enjoy this life in every it's day. I know how to feel happy and in my age I discovered that happiness is always inside of us

I love my work and in the end of the day I like to read some book or take bath with relax music. Reloading myself eve

Ce que j'attend de mon partenaire

I want to see power in my man. It's important for me to feel myself under protection
Do you know that every woman likes to feel safe and protected? I want to have all reasons to call my man "my hero" every day

I want to find tactile man. I like hugs and kisses very much. And it shouldn't be annoying or bothering for you) The same as my loud laughing. If you like jokes which are every sometimes silly, be sure we are created for each other)
I want to have a lot of things to discuss and talk about

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